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World History notes and worksheets

Cuentos de la Alhambra (Washington Irving)

Cuentos de Canterbury (Geoffrey Chaucer)

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General concepts + activities


La Caída del Imperio Romano (video) – HunosGodosSajones

Barbarian Invasion (study guide + worksheet)

Arthurian LegendKing Arthur (officil movie trailer)

The Early Middle Ages (ppt)

Los comienzos de la Edad Media

476 AD, the last western Roman Emperor has just been removed from power. Barbarians have crossed over the Roman limes (=borders) and settled in the ancient Roman provinces. Most of them, but not all, were Germanic people and their rulers became the new kings of small Germanic Kingdoms.

A new Europe is arising, blending Germanic traditions with the Roman cultural legacy. All over Europe, Christendom becomes the actual link.

 This is a dark and confusing  period, but the Roman heritage has not disappeared: in the eastern Europe the Roman power still remains, we call it Byzantine Empire, in western Europe Charlemagne, a Frankish king, is crowned by Pope as the new Roman Western Emperor.

Let´s review several topics related to these Early Middle Ages Empires.


The break-up of the Mediterranean unity


Videos: Justiniano 1, 2, 3, 4, 5El Imperio Bizantino



    MIDDLE AGES & CHARLEMAGNEPPTVIDEOCarlomagno (History Channel) – Video 12

  FEUDALISM (in Spanish)



ISLAM (in Spanish)CARACTERISTICAS –   Islam and Al-Andalus (ppt in English) – Video Islam – Video: Islam: Imperio de Fe – Video: Al-Andalus –  The Spread of Islam – Islam resources 12


The Middle Ages in Europe

Core Concepts

General Concepts Recursos sobre Historia Medieval – Feudal Europe – Feudal Europe (ppt) – Feudalism (pdf) – Libros Vivos – The Feudal SocietyGeneral information about Feudalism and the medieval society (pdf) – The Medieval ChurchVirtual tour of L’Abbadye de Fontenay

The Vikings

The Jorvick Viking CentreThe Vikings (BBC)The Vikings (BBC)More info  – ActivitiesVideos

Medieval Europe Map

medieval classes



Feudalismo para niños

La Edad Media: amor cortés, caballeros y torneos

Living in a monastery –  Medieval castlesMedieval farmsLa Edad Media (DocuHistory)

The Norman Conquest of England

Essential Norman ConquestBBC schools (Normans) – The Battle of Hastings (ppt) – who should be king? – Hastings (pdf) – The Bayeux Tapestry1066 gameGame 2

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The Middle Ages in Europe

Create your own coat of arms (pdf)

Medieval Middle Ages (worksheet)

Middle Ages ProjectMiddle Ages matching activity (quia)

Knights and Castles (worksheets) – Medieval Church (worksheets)

Life in the Middle Ages (worksheets) – Medieval_clozeCrosswordMiscellaneous

Explore a medieval castleDestroy a castle

The Way of Saint James

Black forest ride (game) – The Medieval Game of Life

Core concepts

General information about medieval citiesUnit 7 – Rebirth of Towns (notes) – Medieval cities (ppt) – La ciudad medieval (ppt)

The Rise of Trades and TownsStudy QuestionsQuiz

Medieval cities and guilds

Medieval Guilds

Life in medieval towns Build a medieval town

The Rise of the Monarchies


The Middle Ages: Cities, Merchants and Craftmen (History Channel videos: part 1, 2, 3, 4Medieval VillageThe Hundred Years’ War


El Renacer Urbano de Europa (pdf)

The Black Death

PPTResourcesPlan – Game 12 – Medieval newspaper templates 12

Gothic Art

Spanish – ppt1pp2actividades


General Concepts

Timeline + the Battle of Covadonga + Activities

General Information about Islam in Spain + PPT1PPT2

Islamic SpainMuslim Spain

Summary Unit + Exercises (pdfKey document


The decline of Al-Andalus (pdf)

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General ConceptsPower PointGeneral LinksAncient World Maps – European Exploration and Colonization (ppt)

Early European Explorers  12 –  The European Voyages of Exploration


The Portuguese ExplorationsColumbus’ Voyages1492 The Conquest of Paradise

Magallanes y la vuelta al mundo + J.S. ElcanoLife aboard a pirate ship

Resources and Activities

The Age of Explorations  12Activities 12AICLEWorld Blank MapsExplorers’s GamesWikisThe Treaty of Tordesillas

Pre-Columbian cultures infopdfppt webquestInca ballgamePrecolumbian MuseumAmerica before 1492

Concept Maps

Humanism (pdf) – Renaissance (ppt) –  Renaissance InventionsA Journey through the Renaissance – Reformation (Ppt) – Henry VIII and AnglicanismInquisition + torture toolsWilliam Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Theatre


Renaissance (Arquitecture Sculpture Painting) – Reformation (from ‘Luther’) – Inquisition (from ‘The Name of the Rose’) – Shakespeare in Love (Trailer)


Renaissance and ReformationMisc.- Schoolhistory (12) – The Renaissance ConnectionVirtual Renaissance (links + activities) Trial of Galileo