Core Concepts

General Concepts Recursos sobre Historia Medieval – Feudal Europe – Feudal Europe (ppt) – Feudalism (pdf) – Libros Vivos – The Feudal SocietyGeneral information about Feudalism and the medieval society (pdf) – The Medieval ChurchVirtual tour of L’Abbadye de Fontenay

The Vikings

The Jorvick Viking CentreThe Vikings (BBC)The Vikings (BBC)More info  – ActivitiesVideos

Medieval Europe Map

medieval classes



Feudalismo para niños

La Edad Media: amor cortés, caballeros y torneos

Living in a monastery –  Medieval castlesMedieval farmsLa Edad Media (DocuHistory)

The Norman Conquest of England

Essential Norman ConquestBBC schools (Normans) – The Battle of Hastings (ppt) – who should be king? – Hastings (pdf) – The Bayeux Tapestry1066 gameGame 2

Worksheets and Activities

The Middle Ages in Europe

Create your own coat of arms (pdf)

Medieval Middle Ages (worksheet)

Middle Ages ProjectMiddle Ages matching activity (quia)

Knights and Castles (worksheets) – Medieval Church (worksheets)

Life in the Middle Ages (worksheets) – Medieval_clozeCrosswordMiscellaneous

Explore a medieval castleDestroy a castle

The Way of Saint James

Black forest ride (game) – The Medieval Game of Life